[Gray cover]Braving the Elements

Harry B. Gray, Calif. Inst. of Technology
John D. Simon, Duke University
William C. Trogler, Univ. of Calif., San Diego

"briskly & entertainingly written..."

An ideal primer for those who wish to improve their scientific literacy, this book is beautifully written and especially recommended for high school and undergraduate nonmajor science courses. Amply illustrated chapters on chemical bonding, biochemistry, cancer, and the atmosphere are interspersed with such chapters as "The Alchemist's Dream," "Newsworthy Molecules" and "WallStreet Chemistry." To facilitate this book's use in the classroom, a complete set of problems and sample exams are available from the publisher.

"A wonderful tool to teach people who are timid of chemistry!"
--Terry T. Young, Lead Biologist with GET SMART

"A nonmathematical description of the excitement as well as the utility of chemistry."
--Journal of Chemical Education

"An interesting read, without the disguise, for those of us who know chemistry is fascinating."
--New Scientist

"Briskly and entertainingly written, sprinkled with historical sketches of great moments in modern chemistry...Chemistry is alive and well, and to prove it they have written what might almost qualify as a page turner."
--Engineering & Science

Chapter-Ending Problems to Accompany Braving the Elements

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