Consider a Cylindrical Cow

More Adventures in Environmental Problem Solving

John Harte
University of California, Berkeley

"A mind expanding experience..."

Following in the tradition of Consider a Spherical Cow, the Cylindrical Cow will help students achieve a whole new level of environmental modeling and problem solving.  Featuring a new core set of 25 fully worked-out problems, this book uses real problems in environmental science rather than relying on the more traditional "cookbook" problems found in textbooks.  It is organized according to five thematic sections on probability, optimization, scaling, differential equations, and stability & feedback. Each section begins with a general treatment of the relevant mathematical concepts, and concludes with a range of homework exercises to help students sharpen their modeling skills.  Like its predecessor, this book will empower students with the mathematical skills needed to cut through the complexity of real-world problems. 

About the Author:  
For more than two decades, John Harte has taught courses on the quantitative aspects of environmental science at University of California, Berkeley, where he holds the Distinguished Class of 1935 Professorship in the Energy and Resources Group.  His previous book, Consider a Spherical Cow, became a landmark text in the field. He is also the author of The Green Fuse and co-author of Patient Earth and Toxics A to Z.  He has published numerous articles on ecology and biodiversity, water and other resources, climate change and its effects, acid precipitation, and environmental policy.  John Harte received his B.A. from Harvard University and his PhD in physics from the University of Wisconsin.  Harte is also the recipient of the 2001 Leo Szilard Lectureship Award.

Translated into Japanese.

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