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Hellings College Physics: Putting It All Together
Helliwell_mock.jpg (265904 bytes) Helliwell Special Relativity
moore_cov.jpg (42794 bytes) Moore A General Relativity Workbook
taycm.jpg (69185 bytes) Taylor Classical Mechanics
taylor3.cover.jpg (1237559 bytes) Taylor, Zafiratos, Dubson Modern Physics, Second Edition
townsend3_cov.jpg (178758 bytes) Townsend A Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics, Second Edition
Townsend_cover.jpg (452273 bytes) Townsend Quantum Physics: A Fundamental Approach to Modern Physics


bless_webcov.jpg (51891 bytes) Bless Discovering the Cosmos, Second Edition
Scharf_cov.jpg (55929 bytes) Scharf Extrasolar Planets and Astrobiology
urban_cov.jpg (45809 bytes) Urban/Seidelmann Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac, 3/e


chang3cov.jpg (27295 bytes) Chang,Thoman Physical Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences
Leung2_cover.jpg (158519 bytes) Leung, Marshall Problems and Solutions to Accompany Physical Chemistry for the Chemical Sciences
girolami.cover.2015.jpg (233570 bytes) Girolami X-Ray Crystallography
Goldenberg_finalcover.jpg (790305 bytes) Goldenberg Principles of NMR Spectroscopy: An Illustrated Guide
hartwig_cov.jpg (27847 bytes) Hartwig Organotransition Metal Chemistry
mcqgenchem_cov2.jpg (45135 bytes) McQuarrie General Chemistry, Fourth Edition (1002415 bytes) Schrier Introduction to Computational Physical Chemistry
boltzmann_cover.jpg (336080 bytes) Smith The Boltzmann Factor
spiro_cov.jpg (62428 bytes) Spiro, Purvis-Roberts, Stigliani Chemistry of the Environment,  Third Edition
turro2_cov.jpg (28187 bytes) Turro, Ramamurthy, Scaiano Modern Molecular Photochemistry of Organic Molecules
Wulfsberg Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry

Children's Picture Books

kornberg_gs.jpg (328574 bytes) Kornberg Germ Stories